Health is more than individual, health is social.


Realize a Healthy California acts on behalf of the Foundation for Natural 

Health 501(c)(3) in partnership with the California Naturopathic Doctors Assocation.

Realize a Healthy California (RHC) is a movement that promotes the health of Californians, our neighbors, and beyond. We believe that Californians must come together to help ourselves, our communities, and our environment.


Led by licensed naturopathic doctors, RHC is about living naturopathically through the principles of naturopathic medicine, healthy lifestyle practices, and environmental stewardship. We work to share experiences and educate our readers, engaging in a health-driven community with California at its center. 



That’s when the love millions of people have for growing & consuming herbs of all types and medicinal properties comes in handy.



Having been known for over three decades as the most prominent club for people with love for herbs, we will be super happy to provide you all with some tips & training in this craft.


The team of experienced pros we have at hand only adds to the quality of our club as a whole.

Meet the Team

Dr. Sarah Murphy, ND

Realize a Healthy California President

Donor & Development Committee Co-chair

Dr. Laura Enfield, ND

Realize a Healthy California Vice President

Public Relations Committee Chair

CNDA Board Member

Dr. Julie Tran, ND, LAc

Donor & Development Committee Co-chair