Treatment Cost

Naturopathic doctor fees will vary, based on geographic location, experience, and time spent with each patient. On average, a first office visit ranges from $150 to $300. The 60- to 90-minute consultation usually involves a full medical history, review of prior lab tests and scans that you have brought with you, evaluation of current medications and supplements, answers to your questions, a physical exam and a fully-explained treatment plan. This thorough visit allows you and your naturopathic doctor (ND) to get to the root cause of your problems so that your health concerns can be properly addressed for long-term health gains.

Follow-up visits are usually shorter (15 to 45 minutes) and cost proportionally less. Your naturopathic doctor will likely schedule a follow-up visit with you two to four weeks after the initial visit. The purpose of the follow-up visit is to review tests ordered during the initial visit, evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and make any necessary adjustments to it. The frequency of future visits will vary. Most NDs do not charge for brief phone calls or emails to clarify the treatment plan. If you have many questions or a new condition has developed, your ND may schedule a follow-up visit or phone appointment, charged at the usual rate.

Lab tests may be covered by your insurance, and if not, most NDs have negotiated rates with a lab to keep your costs down. Specialized tests can cost anywhere from $50 to $500, averaging between $100 and $250. Your naturopathic doctor will discuss the necessity of the test and cost with you before ordering it. Supplement prices can also vary, with an average cost from $10 to $40 for a month’s supply. Some specialty supplements, especially in high doses, may cost significantly more. Shots (like vitamin B12) range from $10 to $30, and IVs cost from $50 to $200, depending on the duration and contents being infused.

Some insurance companies cover the services of a naturopathic doctor on an out-of-network basis. Most PPO plans cover lab costs and may reimburse office visit fees. In many cases, you can use flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts to pay for naturopathic services.